About Me

My name is Rhoely Hidalgo Rydberg and I run Holistic Wellness. I live in Norrköping in Östergötland with my husband and my two children.

For several years I worked as a primary school teacher but I felt that something was missing. I was not happy with what I was doing and tried to explore what my purpose in life really was. I was in family constellations, met mediums, healers and differents astrologers. All of them told me the same thing: "that I am here to help others heal, that I am a healer, a light for all who are in the dark" . That if I  follow my heart, it will work out. The road here has not been easy and I had a hard time listening to my inner voice, which led to wrong decisions several times over and over again.


So I started with my self-healing to be able to overcome my obstacles and get where I wanted. I tried Mindfulness meditations, Reiki, met a Life coach, practiced Yinyoga and I got stuck into this mindful living. This led me to start seeing more clearly which way I should go.  Deep down, I knew I wanted to help others, but I didn't know that I had to start with myself in order to move on and help my fellow human beings.


I am so grateful for what I do every day and that I chose to listen to my inner voice and follow my heart. Which led me to train as a Reiki healer, Life Coach Holistisc, mindfulness instructor and yin yoga teacher as well as dietician. In addition to this, I have also taken a course in astrology, because I find it fascinating how the planets affect our emotional state.  

Throughout my life, I have always placed high demands on myself and lived in constant stress, which has led to me being depressed and anxious for short periods. It has been a roller coaster all along. Therefore, I started meditating and in this way I was introduced to Reiki and mindfulness which has helped me to create harmony and balance in my life and to find myself and my purpose in this life.

Now I understand the importance of having a balance between the spiritual, the emotional, the mental and the physical health to feel good. Many times, when we think of health, we think of the physical body, but now I understand that each part of us is connected to each other and that all these parts create a whole. Our physical body is affected by our thoughts and if we have negative thoughts, the effects on our body and health can manifest themselves in the form of tension, stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

The connection between mind and body is much stronger than we think. Negative thoughts develop negative emotions which in turn develop into problems and other pains that keep us from getting well. With the help of Reiki and mindfulness, you can change these negative thoughts and patterns that prevent you from feeling good.  

It is scientifically proven that having a positive attitude, like joy and happiness, releases the hormones that are responsible for strengthening the immune system. In the same way, it has been confirmed that negative thoughts and feelings (in the long run) have the opposite effect and weaken the immune system. Which makes our bodies vulnerable to disease.  

So think about what you need in your life right now and how I can help you create balance in your life. Remember that when we first strengthen our inner world, that is when healing takes place and we are filled with zest for life where inspiration and motivation make us move forward.  


Education and Certifications ​ 

  • Linköping University

Primary school teacher education

  • Reiki Academy with Åsa Elvegård

Usuí Shíkí Ryoho

Reiki Master Shínpíden

Master a v Usuis System in natural healing

  • Reiki Academy with Åsa Elvegård

Usuí Shíkí Ryoho

Reiki 2 Okuden

Remote healing of the Usuis System in natural healing

  • Reiki Academy with Åsa Elvegård

Usuí Shíkì Ryoho

Reiki 1 Shoden

Contact healing of Usuís System in natural healing

  • Harmoniqa Spa and Massage School with Tina Ribbershed

Healing with the Silver Violet Flame.

Chakra balancing with pendant & crystals.

Chakra balancing with essential oils.

  • Modern Mindfulness Sweden with Albin Hagberg

Education in mindfulness training.

  • Swedish Institute for Family and Organizational Constellations with Charlotte Palmgren

Basic course in Family Constellations

  • The School of Astrology with Anders Ekström

Basic course in Astrology

  • Mindowl organization

Basic course in emotional intelligence

  • Holistic Rebels with Leila Andersson

Course in personal development

  • Lightworker Academy with Helena Omfors

Training for Life Coach  Holistic  

  • Yinyogacenter - Wisdom Works AB

Yinyoga Basic Course Module 1, 40 hours

  • Bergklint Education

Certified diet and lifestyle advisor

Green tea

My Philosophy

My philosophy is that everything is connected to the body, the mind and the soul. We can not see these separately. In order to feel good, we must actually treat the whole and not just a symptom that many believe. When you find the balance between these, that's when you feel best. Remember that health comes from within.

It is also important to point out that the purpose of giving healing is not to replace conventional medical care, but this is a complement. If you are ill, you should contact a doctor to get a diagnosis and possible medication.