Right now!

From 17/6 until 11/8, all physical treatments and Yinyoga will be paused. Bookings for coaching calls via zoom and distance healing can be made via email or WhatsApp 0705-875841.

The month of July belongs to Cancer, so open up your heart and let love come forth! It's time to let your emotions flow. Now the sun is in the warm and motherly Cancer, which means that this time has been marked by the unconditional love if only Cancer dares to free itself from its shell.  

On 13 / 7  we have a full moon in Capricorn which is also a Supermoon with a lot of power. Venus enters Cancer on 18/7 at 03:33, now All Love and Christ Consciousness are in focus. At the same time, Pluto is in exact opposition to Mercury, which indicates a change of consciousness. Take care and let go of the destructive! 

A new Galactic year begins on 26/7 with Red Self-Existing Moon energy, which is about "going with the flow" .

On 28/7 at the New Moon in Leo, Jupiter begins its retrograde until November. From now on, the Divine Self will be highlighted, so there will be an inner transformation. This new moon is very important because it meets the Moon at 5 ° Leo. This is very gratifying as the 5th is the Lion's speech, as the Lion rules over the 5th astrological House, where the subject is joy in life, creativity, freedom and desire and it is these qualities we are to acquire now.


Mercury is on 31/7 in opposition to Saturn at the same time as Kiron is squared to Venus. In this situation, we are confronted with the old heavy and painful that holds us back while it prepares us for the great freedom.