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In October

Barfötter på sand

Rhoely holds courses in Yinyoga: ​

Tuesdays and Thursdays from week 41 to week 46 at 18-19:15 75 min 6 times, the price is SEK 960.

If you want to go all 12 times, the price is SEK 1,800. ​


Do you want to try Yin yoga, get in touch and we'll arrange a place! Try for SEK 120. ​ ​


One-time ticket/Drop-in: SEK 200 can be purchased subject to availability. ​

For info and booking or 070-5875841.


Please write your first and last name, your social security number, telephone and e-mail and what applies. ​ The option to pay via Wellnet and Epassi is available. ATTENTION! Other prices apply when paying via Epassi and Wellnet. ​


According to traditional Chinese medicine, all life consists of the five elements metal, water, wood, fire and earth. All elements are connected to each yin meridian and yang meridian, i.e. energy gates in our body, which in turn are connected to various organs. In addition, each element is linked to a season.


In TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), autumn is associated with the element metal. It is characterized by adapting well to climate change. The meridians for this season are the lung and colon meridians, both responsible for cleansing and transforming what is no longer good for the body.


Autumn is said to be a time of physical and emotional transformation and to invest time in ourselves. To take care of yourself, to pamper yourself, to listen to yourself. A moment to gather new strength after the summer. ​


"Train your mind to see the good in every situation" - Unknown


Here you will find some Yinyoga positions and other things you can do to balance your metal element. ​
















Web courses in Reiki step 1 and step 2 are available all year round, as well as a new web course in Chakra and healing balancing and Mindfulness. ​ ​


Daily Affirmations:

“I am surrounded by love and abundance.

I love my body and what it can do. I am strong and capable.

I am healthy.

I'm building a life I love.

I am exactly where I need to be right now.

I am open to learning and growing". ​


New for this year is Family Constellations, which is a therapeutic method developed by Bert Hellinger. He believes that every human being is part of larger units or systems and that we both influence and are influenced by the various systems we are a part of.

A family constellation is a powerful tool for looking at recurring themes or personal issues in our lives. By highlighting underlying causes and hidden patterns, the transformation can take place in depth. ​ This method has the ability to make visible and correct what has caught up somewhere along the way. There is something magical that happens when we step into the field and let the natural orders of life show the way to healing and balance. ​


Welcome with your booking!

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