Reiki 2 - Okuden 

Welcome to an evolving Reiki course!

The word Reiki comes from Japan and consists of two words: rei, which means "universal" and ki, which means "life energy". Universal life energy refers to the highest known energy level. By understanding and practicing Reiki, your and others' potential is increased.

In ReiKi 2, your ability to give ReiKi is further deepened and the effectiveness of the treatments increases. Here you will also learn to give healing at a distance. You are initiated to the next level. In addition, you learn several different techniques, meditations, treatments, healing symbols, which amplify the power even more when you give healing at a distance to reach beyond space and time. You learn to give healing to situations, relationships, future and past.  

Furthermore, you will learn about how we purify and protect our energy. After Reiki 2, you work more intuitively, which means that your contact with Reiki is deepened. Reiki initiates processes both within us and in our environment. All this energy work together with initiation leads to a cleansing within us, which initiates both physical and mental processes, therefore it can be said that Reiki is a system for spiritual, personal development and healing.

The intention of learning Reiki can be to develop oneself both personally and spiritually,  but also to be able to help others. So you can learn Reiki to use for yourself and your loved ones or to work professionally. Reiki is very effective if you want to understand yourself and others on a deeper level.  

This course mainly includes a lot of practice, where you are guided in practicing what you learn. As you know, Reiki replenishes the body's energy store while working on the body's natural healing processes. Reiki is a holistic treatment method, which assumes that the psyche and body are a whole.

As I mentioned earlier in Reiki 2, your contact with Reiki deepens and then you can channel more energy, which allows you to work more intuitively. In the course we will talk about what it means to be a practitioner. After Reiki 2, you can also start using Reiki professionally if you feel ready for it.

Prerequisites: Reiki 1.

Reiki 2 - Okuden includes:


  • The symbols, meditations to load the symbols, exercises to get to know them.

  • How to give distance treatment

  • Immerses us in the chakras, meditation to balance the chakras

  • How to balance the chakras on others both in place and at a distance.

  • Balance the chakra using the pendulum both in place and at a distance.

  • Send Reiki to anyone unaware

  • Give Reiki to places

  • Give healing to the past and to the future.  

  • Auran, exercise, meditation to purify the aura

  • Energy fingers

  • Affirmations

  • Reiki and crystals

  • Guidance with Reiki

  • Give Reiki to animals both on site and remotely

  • Booster and initialization

  • Diploma

  • Follow-up

  • Regular Reiki meetings

After the course, you can call yourself a Reiki therapist or Reiki practitioner.

The course is divided into two days. After all course opportunities have been completed, you are always welcome to contact me for continuous guidance and supplementary training opportunities about working with Reiki energy.

Date, time and place:

Ongoing Tuesdays 8/2, 15/2, 22/2 & 1 / 3-22 at 18-20

At Mandala Kollektivet, Skolgatan 1B in Norrköping

Next course start:

Saturday 26/3 at 9:30 - about 16:30

Sunday 27/3 at 9:30 - about 15:30

Investment: 3500 SEK / person. For companies, the prices are exclusive of VAT.


Registration is made via the "Book an appointment" button  When registering, email the following information: name, address, e-mail, phone number and possibly companies that must be on invoice / receipt. Note! To guarantee your place, swisha needs a registration fee of SEK 1000 (non-refundable if canceled ),  the remaining amount is paid before the start of the course if you pay via Swish. Remember to write course dates. It is possible to pay with Klarna when you book via the "Book an appointment" button

Attire: It is good to have comfortable clothes that do not tighten or pinch. Good to bring a warm sweater and a pair of warm socks or slippers, as you can feel frozen after a Reiki treatment.

Food: Lunch is recommended. Refrigerator and microwave are available.


Bring: Paper and pencil.

Number of places: 4 (at least 2 participants per course)


The price includes:

  • A whole weekend full of energy, new impressions and meetings.  

  • Course compendium that contains theory, meditations and exercises.

  • Coffee, fruit, tea and coffee.  

  • Diploma.

  • Regular Reiki meetings.

Warm welcome! 💛

Please read what applies when buying and canceling .