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Reiki Healing 

Reiki is a method of stress reduction  and relaxation.

Reiki healing with coaching or with spiritual guidance




Reiki at a distance

It's about receiving Reiki remotely, wherever you are and from a single transmitter. It is as effective as Direct Reiki .  






Healing and chakra balancing with pendulum and crystals .

The purpose of the treatment is to create a harmony, balance  and makes us more present both in body and soul. Our life energy vibrates in different frequencies just like crystals and colors.



Coaching / Medial coaching

As a Life Coach Holistic, I help you unleash your full potential and reach the goals and the life you desire. This Coaching model gives you the opportunity to see the context so that you get new perspectives, while you are stimulated to a positive thinking. Your goals and interests are always at the center. During the coaching, I give you tools that support you in both finding your answers and daring to realize them. I also use my intuition to lead you further in life in the best way.


Yinyoga is a passive yoga form that allows gravity to do its job in positions held for 3-5 minutes, giving us time to calm the mind. This form of yoga is performed in silence and conscious presence.


In yin yoga, we access the body's fascia, connective tissue, instead of the muscles. Here is a great focus on the area at  the hips, pelvis and lumbar spine. These areas are rich in connective tissue and, according to the yoga philosophy, store a lot of physical as well as emotional tensions.

Who can practice yin yoga?

Yinyoga suits everyone. Using various tools such as, yoga blocks,  blankets and / or bolsters, you can adapt the positions to your own conditions.


When is it appropriate to practice yin yoga?

Always and especially when  you have pain in your body,  prolonged stiffness, feeling tired, having difficulty getting calm, mood swings, need to replenish energy and / or have too much energy .

Note! For companies, the prices are exclusive of VAT.

Click on the link below to find out what applies when canceling:

Terms of purchase

60 minutes.
750 kr.

about 30 min.
400 sek.

about 45 min.
500 kr

60 minutes
SEK 800 

75 min.
SEK 150 


Reiki healing
Chakra- och healingbalansering
livscoach | läkning | vision | medvetenhet | relation
Yin-yoga Halvsadeln

80 min.
870 kr


Privata sessioner & workshops

ca 90 min. p/vecka i 12  veckorstid (med uppehåll).

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