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60 minutes SEK 900 

Package price 3 coaching calls for SEK 2,500 (regular price SEK 2,700)

As a Life Coach Holistic, I am committed to helping you in all aspects of your life, by transforming your mind, your body and your soul as an opportunity to create the life you desire. Holistic Life Coaching focuses more on connecting these three aspects of your life so that you can live a more conscious and more attentive life. As a Holistic Life Coach, I help you in all aspects of your life.  I will help you create a more complete version of yourself.

Do you find it difficult to achieve the goals in your private and / or working life? When your mind and body are in agreement, you can achieve what you want in the world. By hiring me, you can get the tools you need to achieve your goals.

Difficult to solve your relationship problems? When you are aware of your feelings and there is clarity in your thoughts, you will be able to manage your relationships in a better way. In general, in all relationships, a problem arises due to confusion in emotions.

When you are  Aware of your behavior and your emotions, you can make better decisions to save your relationship. When you are spiritually aware and have a high level of emotional intelligence, you can nurture and nurture your relationships.

I help you see your life as a whole and not just in individual parts. This type of coaching helps you to activate your inner strength, gain access to your true potential  at the same time it helps you to make changes in your life, so that you eventually begin to create the life you desire for yourself. Together we deal with the internal obstacles that keep you limited.

As a coach, I ask questions, reflect on you, listen carefully to you all to help you explore your greatest joy and motivate you to realize your dreams. I use my intuition to lead you further in life in the best way.

With me you get coaching by phone, Skype or Zoom. We will look at your current situation, what and how you want it to be as well as different possible ways to reach your goals. You call me on 0705 87 58 41 at the booked time. Payment is made via swish after the session.

I work according to ICF's guidelines and standards. Of course I have a duty of confidentiality.


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You are the one who calls me at the agreed time. Delay unfortunately shortens the call.

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