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Reiki healing
Förenade Reikiförbundet
Everything is connected
Förenade Reikiförbundet

What is Reiki?

Reiki comes from the Japanese words "rei" which means universal or divine wisdom, and "ki" which means life energy. Reiki is not a religion, but a tool for both personal and spiritual development. Reiki energy is available to anyone who wants to receive it.

Healing means healing. Reiki healing takes place through energy transfer and is one of our oldest forms of treatment. Regardless of the technique used in a Reiki Healing, the energy comes from the Universe. 

Believe it or not, our life energy is strongly influenced by our emotions and thoughts. If we have negative ones, the flow of our life energy deteriorates, but if we have positive thoughts and feelings, the flow is strengthened. These negative thoughts and feelings usually create more or less blockages in the body. However, the problems begin when the blockages become long-lasting, when we get stuck in a negative thought and emotional pattern. It is these blockages that can cause various disease symptoms. 

How does Reiki work and what is Reiki good for?

Reiki heals the body by flowing into the blocked parts/chakras, while charging them with the positive energy. Reiki raises the frequency of the energy both inside and outside the body, which causes the negative energy to dissolve and disappear. When the energy again flows freely without blockages, that is when the body gets the opportunity for self-healing. You can say that your chakra system is balanced during the healing itself. Each chakra has its own significance for our mental,  physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. By releasing these blockages, Reiki helps you find balance in life.

As a healer I act as the channel of the universal energy and use the natural energy and pass it on.My own powers are not exhausted. In fact, both the Reiki healer and the recipient receive treatment at the same time. When I give a Reiki treatment, my own energy flow is increased and a sense of well-being is created. 

I give healing to your whole body with soft touch. Healing can be felt on different levels and not just physically and the effect can be profound. Thanks to this energy treatment, you can get help for healing, whether you have physical or psychological imbalances.  

A reiki treatment is very relaxing and pleasant. Many of the clients fall asleep during the treatment, as the nervousness, tension and stress release. 

For the process to begin and take its course, it is essential that the client is willing and open to undergo emotional/mental changes in order not to create new blockages again. Going for a Reiki treatment is about a development process, which can take a different amount of time for us. Many times we fall back into our old patterns, but find it easier to get out of them again, as we are aware of them.


What can happen after a Reiki treatment?

If the Reiki practitioner mostly works/channels with the hands a bit outside the body, where the emotional and mental energies are, the development takes place on the mental and emotional level. It is the opposite if the Reiki practitioner works on the physical body, then the physical changes are noticed first and then the development on the mental and emotional level comes.

The feelings that we have repressed within us come to the surface and we begin to think in new ways before anything is noticeable on the physical body. Sometimes the development happens quickly and it feels like everything is happening at once, but sometimes the pattern of development is very noticeable.

When the Reiki energy cleanses the body of toxins, physical detoxification symptoms can occur, for example, runny nose, coughing up mucus, increased urine output and diarrhea, headache. One can experience   various symptoms and it is the purging reactions that are important in achieving health. The symptoms can last for several days, sometimes weeks.

After the treatments, it can also result in a dissolution of internal blockages and spiritual awakening. New ideas, visions and solutions to problems can emerge and it is not uncommon to find the courage to make certain decisive decisions for change, such as starting a business, changing jobs, quitting smoking, starting to exercise, becoming a vegetarian or starting to meditate.


Reiki is included in the "Stress management" category at the Swedish Tax Agency, which is absolutely correct because Reiki:

- Is stress-reducing
- Alleviates worry and anxiety
- Increases blood circulation
- Gives increased energy
- Provides improved sleep
- Provides improved appetite
- Gives the body the right conditions so that it can begin its self-healing process

There is a book for those who are interested and want to know more about how this works. “Reiki In Clinical Practice. A Science Based Guide” (2020). The book is written by Ann Baldwin, a well-established physician and researcher. Here you can get a very clear view of the body's parasympathetic nervous system and how it works. You can also read about Reiki's concrete impact on the same system. In this book you will find both clear statistics and clear flowcharts on how the body reacts when Reiki flows. When a patient receives Reiki, stress levels, heart rhythm and blood circulation are affected. The book is written from a clinical study perspective, which makes it completely unique in the Reiki world.


Reiki is used in many countries in traditional care, as a complement to medical treatment. At these clinics, a lot of research has been done and, above all, it has been looked at how Reiki has effectively raised the patients' quality of life. The research results show clear and positive effects on the body's parasympathetic nervous system. It is constantly shown that Reiki relieves pain and anxiety and that it improves the quality of life of patients.


Reiki is approved by the Swedish Tax Agency as wellness care. This means that you who have "healthcare money" at work can use it for Reiki treatments.

A reiki treatment is like a massage for the soul. Feel free to book an appointment with me if you want to try it.

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