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Online course Reiki 2

Fördelar med Reiki

This course is for those who have taken Reiki 1 and want to learn more.


In Reiki 2  your ability to give Reiki is further deepened and the effectiveness of the treatments increases. Here you step out of the time and space aspect and   you work with distance healing. Here you go deeper with the mental and emotional aspects. Here you also get access to more symbols and their meaning.

The structure of the course:


The first week, the course begins with an online meeting where we get to know each other and where I go through what you will work on until next week. In the meantime, you work on the exercises and the material exercises yourself, which are followed up at the next meeting, we brainstorm ideas, questions and thoughts and I then go through next week's task.


We meet 4 times during a month via Zoom, 1 week apart. All meetings are recorded so you can go back and watch it during the weeks you work.


  • Week 1: Online meeting, ppresentation, course review and weekly exercises. One week of own work with exercises.

  • Week 2: Online meeting, follow-up of last week's work, questions, musings and thoughts. Review of next week. One week of own work with exercises.

  • Week 3: Online meeting follow-up of last week's work, reflections, questions and thoughts. Review of next week. One week of own work with exercises

  • Week 4: Online meeting we follow up on last week's work, how did it go, how do you continue? 

Course content:

  • The symbols

  • How to provide distance therapy

  • Remote reading of people and objects

  • To work outside time and space

  • Healing of events in the past

  • How to manifest your future with affirmations and Reiki

  • Aura and aura cleansing

  • The chakras, chakra balancing

  • Use of Pendulum for Chakra Balancing

  • Meditations to help you increase your intuition, chakra balancing and aura clearing.

  • Meditations to connect and guide with your guides.

  • How to Create Reiki Transmitters

  • Reiki and crystals

  • Initiation to Reiki 2

  • Course compendium

  • Diploma


What is included in the course?


  • 4 online meetings of 2 hours with supervision, a total of 8 hours

  • Access to the online course with materials with exercises for each part for 1 season.

  • 2 initiations, one at the beginning of the course and a booster at the end.

  • Diploma after completing the course

  • Access to Facebook group where you can ask questions and discuss with others.

  • Regular Reiki meetings online in larger groups with other participants who are taking or have taken Reiki in the past.

Previous knowledge:Reiki 1

Investment: The course costs SEK 2,800/person. For companies, prices are exclusive of VAT. 


Registration is done via the "Book an appointment" button. When registering, email the following information: name, address, e-mail, phone number and, if applicable, company that must appear on the invoice/receipt.Note! To guarantee your place, swisha needs a registration fee of SEK 1000 in connection with the booking (non-refundable in case of cancellation), the remaining amount is paid before the start of the course. 

Course start:

Week 1: Wednesday  25/1-23 at 18-20

Week 2: Wednesday 1/2-23 at 6-8pm

Week 3: Wednesday 8/2-23 at 6-8pm

Week 4: Wednesday 15/2-23 at 18-20

Warm welcome! 🧡


Please read what applies to purchases and cancellations.


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