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Family constellations

ca.120 minuter inkl.samtal för 1100 kr

Family constellations is a therapeutic method developed by Bert Hellinger. He believes that every human being is part of larger units or systems and that we both influence and are influenced by the various systems we are a part of. ​


A family constellation is a powerful tool for looking at recurring themes or personal issues in our lives. By highlighting underlying causes and hidden patterns, the transformation can take place in depth. ​


This method has the ability to make visible and correct what has caught up somewhere along the way. There is something magical that happens when we step into the field and let the natural orders of life show the way to healing and balance.


Some information about what you need to think about both before and during a session in the family constellation. Further down, you have a little more detail about what a family constellation is.


I will have the sessions via Zoom for now.


After the first session we can decide how many times we will see each other but I think 3 or 4 meetings is good enough.


When we meet via screen, you need a PC with a webcam, possibly a tablet, a good internet connection and the possibility to sit apart. No multitasking!


In an individual family constellation session, we set up a model of a family system, a constellation, which reveals damage at the system level, so that we can work towards reconciling past conflicts, repairing broken relationships and restoring order. This process allows us to look at the hidden family dynamics behind many of our challenges. We can see that many of our emotional problems, traumas, illnesses, and problems in relationships, work, and careers are the result of unresolved pain and suffering in our family system over many generations.


During a one-to-one session, we try to discover how you are entangled by the painful events and experiences of your parents, grandparents or ancestors, so we try to find a way to resolve them so that they no longer affect you in the present. This work is usually done with individuals, but it can also be done with couples.

To help uncover what is hidden, I guide you in using objects to stand in or represent family members, ancestors, events, emotions, or even physical or mental states. You can use any objects, including chess pieces, seashells, rocks or crystals. The objects can work just as well as if we were to use people in a group workshop as representatives.


At the beginning of the session, I gather information about the issue you want to explore, an overview of the family history, possible hidden family dynamics, and what the solution might look like. Then we start exploring with the objects as representatives. During the process, we use a special energy called the "knowing field" that helps reveal what happened in the past and how you are entangled with it. It takes us behind our stories or fills in facts we don't know. The knowledge field  or the knowing field works very well online because it is not limited by time or space.


Throughout the online session, I monitor your physical and emotional responses to the constellation as we move toward the truth that wants to emerge. Body sensations become a key indicator of truth, correct movements, or the best resolution. This collaborative process can feel mysterious but somehow familiar in a deep way.


Using the field of knowledge we can gather information about the past and perhaps clues about what may be released. Your entanglements can dissolve when the essential truth of what happened is finally properly acknowledged. At the end of your session, you may feel lighter, relaxed and unburdened and have a completely different picture of your family system. Over time and perhaps with additional sessions, you may begin to feel more whole and present in your life, relationships, and career.


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