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Reiki comes from the Japanese words "rei" which means universal and "ki" which means life energy. Reiki is a tool for both personal and spiritual development.


A reiki treatment is very relaxing and comfortable. Many of the clients fall asleep during the treatment, as the nervousness, tension and stress release.


Healing is not a Quick fix, therefore three or more treatments in a row are recommended to find the balance again.


We start with a short conversation about where you are welcome to tell us what you want help with, but it is not a must.

The most common is that the client lies down during a session, on his back and then on his stomach, but you can also choose if you want to sit. During the session, you are fully clothed and may have a blanket over you if it feels good for you. It is good that you are as comfortable as possible.


The session begins with me scanning your body, from head to toe. I feel your energies and if there is any imbalance in the body. When scanning, I keep my hands a little above your body.


When I finish the scan, I start the healing. I give healing to your 7 chakras or energy points that are along your spine as well as your temple, knees and feet. I hold my hands a little above your body.


Do you want coaching?

After the treatment, we have a short conversation where you have the opportunity to ask questions and we address the internal obstacles that keep you limited. You get various Reiki exercises and techniques that over time will help you see and understand yourself and in this way you can start sorting out your life and peel away what you do not need.

Would you rather have spiritual guidance?

After the treatment, you may draw one or three angel cards / oracle cards that we talk about its possible message and meaning to you. The message can come in the form of an affirmation, a word or a sentence that can be interpreted directly from the card. I let my intuition guide me.

Reiki is approved as wellness according to the Swedish Tax Agency.


Package price for three treatments for SEK 2,400 (ordinary price SEK 2,610). NOTE! The full amount is paid at the first opportunity and is valid for 3 months. Payment is made via Swish or via invoice to Bg (invoicing fee will be added) after the session. NOTE! For companies, the prices are exclusive of VAT.


Warmly welcome to book your Reiki time with me! 💛


Reiki healing with coaching or
with spiritual guidance

80 minutes
SEK 870 
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