A breathing practice and awareness of body and soul.

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 Mindfulness meditations are a relaxation method that involves presence of mind or conscious presence. In reality, it's a meditation technique, where you practice living in the present, paying attention and taking advantage of the moment. Mindfulness is a technique used in healthcare to manage anxiety, stress and depression.


Mindfulness is a practice that teaches us to have non-judgmental awareness and to be in the moment.

Practicing mindfulness means focusing our attention on our experiences while learning to be aware of (but not engaging with) our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and our surroundings.

Through this awareness, we can learn to react differently to our thoughts and feelings, which can enable us to change negative patterns


I hold courses in mindfulness training. It takes about 90 minutes once a week for six weeks. You will gain knowledge about what mindfulness is and what it can be used for. You will also be introduced to a conscious approach to both yourself and your surroundings. There is a limited number of plastics, first come first served! 


 The course plan:


Week 1 – Mindfulness, evolution and the autopilot

Week 2 – Stress management, relaxation and body awareness

Week 3 – Mind balance and inner balance

Week 4 – Cultivating the good

Week 5 – The most important parts of life

Week 6 – Closing

I recommend you buy/borrow the book "Wherever you go, you are there"  written by Jon Kabat-Zinn.
It goes through the basics and at the same time works as a kind of tutorial if you want to work with Mindfulness. 

Dates for the next semester:

Tuesdays at 18-19:30 from week 3 to week 8

You are welcome to call or email me if you want to know more about the course. Or book the course, I promise you will notice a big change already after the first meeting. Namaste 


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