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The word Mindfulness is also one of the earliest translations ever made of the word "sati" in Pali, a Sanskrit-like vernacular spoken at the time the Buddha began teaching 2,500 years ago. Sati is the nominalization of the verb "sarati" which means to remember or reminisce. Since remembering is precisely bringing to the present, sati or mindfulness in its ultimate conception is the basic human ability to be able to be in the present and to "remind" ourselves to be in the present, that is, to constantly return to the present, here and now.


Mindfulness is used as a method where we learn to breathe consciously while being aware of our body and soul. Mindfulness is about paying attention to what is happening right now, in the moment. You learn to direct your breathing and your attention to emotions and the body.  It is a preventive exercise through mental exercises whose goal is to fix the attention in the present moment to feel things as they happen, without trying to exercise any control over them.

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about 60 min. p / week for 6 weeks.


Silencium est Divinum -  The silence is divine

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