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Causes of chakra blockages and how can we let go of these

The chakras are immeasurable energy centers (which cannot be measured in any way), located in the human body. Seven of the most important are located from the end of the spine to the highest point of the head. Without realizing it, the energy that surrounds us and that is within us, affects our emotions, perceptions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and attitudes from day to day. Unfortunately, there are times when the flow of energy is obstructed or disturbed, these are also called blockages, which in turn cause blockages in the chakra. This will inevitably impair the vitality of both the emotional as well as the physical body, which is necessary to develop various aspects of self-awareness and wholeness. Just as there are ways to take care of certain energies and get a greater universal energy - chi, prana or organs - there are also ways to prevent our essence from being blocked. The main method of doing this is by becoming aware of the actions that negatively affect us in every part of the body; then you need to understand them and as far as possible, set boundaries for them. This method, focused on mindfulness theory and meditation, helps to align the chakras. Now you will learn seven reasons why your chakras are blocked: 1. Fear and paranoia. These feelings can cause a sense of disconnection and imbalance with our lives, as they are strongly related to the root chakra. To grow up in a dualistic culture where nature is separate from society. Humans are often thought to exist to dominate the earth and its biodiversity, causing a range of dysfunctions and blockages related to anxiety and depression. Feeling guilty. When guilt severely affects the body and mind, the sexual chakra is blocked and causes overwhelming pain or anhedonia (inability to feel joy). To unblock this chakra the best thing is to learn to live in the moment in fullness of resilience, self-forgiveness and self-acceptance. 3. Shame. Solar Plexus Chakra talks about self-esteem to detailed beliefs related to shame, humiliation, uncertainty and doubt. Although shame is a difficult feeling to resolve, it is important to focus on the here and now of life, on the passion of the moment, to turn the ashes into positive emotions. 4. Sorrow. This is a feeling of heart chakra and causes anxiety, sadness and a miserable feeling of sadness. Whether it is due to the loss of a love, the death of a loved one or a failure to fulfill an expectation, this chakra requires learning of ego-separation. The way to heal this chakra is to release the pain and let the cosmic loving energy enter the body, through the breath of meditation. If you embrace anxiety and pain, you can release it. 5. Lies. A sign that the neck chakra is blocked is a feeling of dishonesty and lack of identity, even claustrophobia and insecurity. Many people suffer from the blockage of this chakra because of a lifestyle outside of reality, with expectations or beliefs beyond what they really want. 6. Misconceptions (illusion). One of the great signs of blocking the third eye is the feeling of dissociation, as if living in a distant dream world, which blocks intuition and a sense of identity. The goal is to feel that everything is connected to everything. This blockage is associated with the forehead chakra or third eye chakra. 7. Belonging and ambition. Existential anxiety can lead to a feeling of disconnection between mind, body and soul. This means that by expanding our assumptions about life and death, the very soul of man, a feeling of infinity and eternity is created. By inhaling and exhaling, you can leave the physical, mental, and spiritual worlds to be led by divine union and cosmic love. There are actually many exercises and meditations to work with different aspects related to the chakra. One of the most basic and easy ways is to focus on the points we have shown you (especially if you feel that some of them are blocked). To do this, sit in a comfortable and quiet place. Concentrate first on your breathing until you feel the voice in your mind gradually fade and the excess mental noise disappear. Then visualize these points and feel the energy flow and unblock.

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