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Yin yoga, autumn and let go!

Autumn is the season to "let go". Summer is fiery and a time for expansion and socializing. Now that we are entering autumn, we are entering a more introspective stage that invites us to reflect. Personally, I love autumn!

With the arrival of autumn, the trees lose their leaves, which is the most visual and beautiful example of that act of letting go.

In traditional Chinese medicine and yin yoga, autumn is associated with the metal element. It is characterized by adapting well to climate change. The meridians for this season are the lung and colon meridians, both responsible for cleansing and transforming what is no longer good for the body.

Autumn is said to be a time of physical and emotional transformation and to invest time in ourselves. To take care of yourself, to pamper yourself, to listen to yourself. A moment to gather new strength after the summer.

Autumn Yin Yoga Training:

It is the same as a meditation, the only difference is that you perform a yin yoga pose at the same time (a small yin yoga sequence below). You can be in each position between 2 and 5 minutes.

Here you can also experience the inner struggles of "Letting go" while you are several minutes in a posture and try to empty your mind of everything extraneous, focusing on letting go and on your body. Try to connect with the breath that we have worked to calm the mind and release the body, enter the pose and give up the fight.

Reclined butterfly

Seated twist

Extended Child's pose

The Swan

The Dragon


Another way that is good for practicing to let go is the following meditation:

You can do this during a short meditation, sending your energy and intention to the thought of letting go, or while practicing a yin yoga pose at home.


  • Begin by sitting in a meditation position (sukhasana / half lotus) or as you feel comfortable. Feel free to sit on a blanket or a pillow, with your back straight yet relaxed. Relax the face, hands can land or rest where it feels comfortable. Relax your shoulders and stomach.

  • Pay attention to your breath. Don't judge it, but feel if your breath is fast and high in the chest or if it feels calm and goes all the way down to the stomach. If you breathe quick and short breaths, let them deepen and slow down by inhaling through your nose, holding it for a moment, and then slowly and smoothly exhaling through your nose. Try to get that breath to go all the way down into your belly.

  • Be present in the breath and as you exhale try to relax. Let go of a bad habit, a recurring thought, a worry, a fear, an insecurity, a resentment, a fixation... let go. Feel how the breaths are calm and pleasant so that you can return to your natural breathing rhythm.

  • We will focus on TODAY. You can repeat as many days as you like, but we work on TODAY, the present. No pressure, no demands, from love.

  • We build our purpose as a decree and in a positive way. That is, instead of thinking... "I won't worry" we say: "Today I will relax on this topic"

  • Finally, when you have it, we include a pranayama:

  • Inhale deeply through your nose and think about your purpose, hold and exhale through your mouth and release while imagining that you have already freed yourself from what was holding you back. Repeat a few times and keep that feeling of satisfaction when you say: It's done. The energy is already sent.

I hope this exercise motivates you to do it💛

Some benefits of Yin yoga:

🧘🏽‍♀️Improves health

🧘🏽‍♀️Reduces stress

🧘🏽‍♀️Can increase the body's strength

🧘🏼Increases mobility in the joints

🧘🏽‍♂️Helps improve breathing

Hope you like my blog and that you are happy to share it with you.

If you are interested in trying Yinyoga, please get in touch or book your place already for a nice moment of silence.

A warm welcome and have a fantastic autumn!🧡

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