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Why we get sick

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

In this world we live in right now, it is difficult to have confidence and let go. But we need to learn to do that because the longer you are in these negative emotions, the more anxious or stressed you become.

We need to stop worrying about what might happen, because we really have no idea what the future holds for us. Sometimes worrying about one's own safety can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. We send the wrong signals to the universe and what we do not want to happen happens. We attract what we think. Remember that we are what we think.

Try to trust that the universe and that it gives us what we need and when it is needed.

This is how it is, we humans worry too much about things we can not control. Feeling anxious / stressed in the long run is not healthy. Emotions can make us sick. It's all about energy (Ki). Ki does not always do good but because Ki is controlled by our mind therefore it can create both negative and positive results, depending on what thoughts or intentions are controlling it. That is, Ki is responsible for both our good and bad health. Our thoughts are powerful therefore we must be careful about what we think.

You probably have a lot of thoughts now about this war and what will happen now.

In fact, even if this war did not exist, anything could still happen. We never know what will happen to us. We can not control anything in this life so the best thing is to learn to have confidence and hope that the universe gives us what we need. By this I do not mean that we should stop living, No, absolutely not! But we must continue to live and do what we must to be able to enjoy every second of our lives on this planet.

What makes us sick are our thoughts and how can that be, you probably wonder? The fact is that everything is energy (Ki) and it is the negative Kin that creates disorders and diseases in our body. Negative Ki can both have a more powerful charge of energy and be more difficult to remove or have a very simple charge of energy and thus be easy to remove. All this is due to the thoughts we have that create it, thoughts that can either come from the human subconscious mind or even from the conscious mind, which are bound together with Ki and work to affect the mind, emotions and body functions. With this in mind, it can be understood how important it is to create a positive self-image and to dissolve negative thoughts and feelings from our mind.

Throughout our lives, we are exposed to lots of thoughts and feelings from others. Depending on how receptive we are, they affect us in different ways. For example, when we are young, we are like a blank slate and it is difficult for us to decide which thoughts and feelings we should take with us or reject. We are influenced by our parents during the formable years when the foundation for our personality is created. Teachers and television also have a great influence in our subconscious mind and this in turn creates a pattern of both positive and energy Ki in our aura, chakra and body. These patterns affect our health as well as everything we do and experience.

Other people can put negative Ki in our energy field. Sometimes they do it unconsciously when they have negative thoughts towards us. This negative energy is also called bad vibration and can have a short-term effect, but it can also damage permanently if the person is open to the negative energy or is weak and if it is directed in a strong and conscious way. It is important to point out that the negative Kin affects those of us who have weakness in either the aura or the chakras.

Our subtle energy field and our mind are also affected by experiences from previous lives. We call this karma and we carried this to our life via our aura. Through our life, the karma of previous lives in the aura attracts experiences, events, which amplify the karmic charge in the aura and can then be moved into the chakras and eventually to the physical body. When Karman works deeper into our energy system, the effects become more defined, but depending on whether it is positive or negative, it can affect us in different ways, that is, either you attract happiness or misfortune and a lot of similar effects on our health. This laid the foundation for poor health and illness.

What we healers do is evoke positive Ki which we send to the area of the aura, chakra or body where negative Ki is found. Always with the intention of transforming the negative Kin into positive or liberating and removing it. Then the natural flow of positive Kin can begin. It does not matter which method is used because all processes of healing or spiritual and personal development aim to free the negative Kin from the person's energy field as well as his negative thoughts and feelings that have created it.

My name is Rhoely and I am a certified Life Coach Holistic, certified Reiki Healing 1 & 2 and Reiki Master, certified Yin Yoga teacher, certified Mindfulness instructor, licensed diet and lifestyle counselor. I offer times for diet counseling, coaching conversations, meditation, healing, yin yoga sessions. You can also book a course in Mindfulness for a maximum of 8 people. In addition, I hold various Workshops on the chakra system, spiritual healing, raise your energy and meditations that raise your awareness and attention are offered on site in the Mandala Collective in Norrköping and in other places in Sweden.

For more information visit where you can subscribe to the Newsletter where you take advantage of various offers or call +46 705 87 58 41 alternatives email

Warm welcome!

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