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Why do you find it difficult to attract what you want?

We are like magnets. We attract what we feel! Have you ever heard of that?

I had probably heard it before, but it is now lately that I have begun to pay attention to the phrase. Over the years, I have become more interested in how our thoughts and feelings affect our lives, so I wanted to write a bit about the law of attraction here on my blog. In any case, the word "attract" is associated by many people with negative connotations. The case is that we do not create things but we attract them. We attract circumstances, people, opportunities, knowledge, etc. which allows us to direct ourselves towards the lines of life, where the possibility we want to manifest is probable. A principle and a higher law that dominates everything is the principle of mentalism / thought control and the law of attraction. The principle of mentalism tells us that: "Thoughts are things, what you think manifests itself." But how? Through the Law of Attraction, which states that similar vibrations vibrate together and attract each other. And how then does this principle and this overriding law work? Everything is energy, but not in the same manifestation. Energy is divided into free energy and concentrated energy, this has been discovered by quantum physicists (the most advanced in the entire scientific panorama). Free energy is not yet manifested, its vibration is high. Concentrated energy is an accumulation of free energy that has already been manifested and its vibration is low.

What we see vibrates lower than what we do not see. What is manifested is done by lowering the degree of vibration, that is why matter is denser, heavier ... for this reason, when you start applying these principles, it does not happen overnight, but rather the universe must be rearranged so that the pieces this manifestation is possible. The principle of mentalism and the law of attraction work in the following way. With your thoughts you control the free energy (which can potentially be anything yet, it is not yet manifested) and the law of attraction unites that energy with another of the same vibration frequency. The ability to direct your thoughts towards what you want is the great mastery of life, which is not taught in school or at university, and it was not taught to you at home, but it is the basis of everything that will happen in your life ... Untrained people leave their thoughts to free will, create a series of circumstances that they do not want, and always blame external causes for their lack of results; when the only and true reason is that you do not know how to direct your thoughts well and therefore you do not vibrate in the frequency of your desire. To vibrate in the frequency of your desire, many people in history have shown us the way. Saint Paul used to say, "Whatever you ask in prayer, believing that you already have it, you will receive it." "To think you already have it", because when you think you already have it, it is the right vibration; but if you visualize it in the future, then the vibration you emit is the lack, "I do not have it yet", and what will you then manifest? More from "I do not have it yet".

Remember that your thoughts control energy and the law of attraction brings together energy (including people, circumstances and opportunities) so that what is inside you exactly matches what is outside you. It's the law, and it's accurate. Want to know at what frequency you vibrate? It is very easy to detect. Look at your surroundings. Look at your life. Look at the people around you, your bank account, your energy and vitality levels, etc. All this is a reflection of what you have inside you and of your vibration. If you want to change the outside, change the frequency of your vibration. That's all you need to do. Life will put everything in front of you. The right people to help you, the learning you need, texts / books you should read and it will also remove everything from your life that you do not need, to achieve what you want. The universe is waiting and listening all the time for your desires, but it is not what you want what you will get, because the language of the universe is vibrations.

Keep in mind that there will be many people who do not believe in this and will even criticize it. But look at their lives, how are they? Jesus said, "By their fruits you shall know them." You know the vibration frequency that a person has through the results they have in their life. Without the need to study the aura or anything like that, just seeing its fruits, it's that simple. Once you understand this, then you also understand that absolutely everything that happens to you is drawn to you by you. Yes, for you, for the vibration you gave off. For many "no" in your past, there is a big "yes" in your future. Learn to control your thoughts and change your vibration and transform your life forever. It is possible. It is possible for you. What you think must be aligned to what you say and what you feel. When you want something, think of it as if you already have it, feel it, taste it, smell it, experience it and you will attract what you want when you least expect it.

My name is Rhoely and I am a certified Life Coach Holistic, certified Reiki Healing 1 & 2 and Reiki Master, certified Yin Yoga teacher, certified Mindfulness instructor, licensed diet and lifestyle counselor. I offer times for diet counseling, coaching conversations, meditation, healing, yin yoga sessions. You can also book a course in Mindfulness for a maximum of 8 people. In addition, I hold various Workshops on the chakra system, spiritual healing, raise your energy and meditations that raise your awareness and attention are offered on site in the Mandala Collective in Norrköping and in other places in Sweden. For more information visit where you can subscribe to the Newsletter where you take advantage of various offers or call +46 705 87 58 41 alternatives email Warm welcome!


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