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Let go and trust

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Sometimes when things go wrong in life, whether it is at work or in your love live, we hold on to the belief that something is wrong with ourselves and that we must fix what happened. We seldom realize that things happen for a reason and that it is best to let go, because when we let go, something better comes along. It also happens that we want something so much that we do not stop thinking about it and we always ask the universe to help us achieve it, but we must remember that when you ask, the universe listens to you. You do not have to repeat it for the universe to remember, it is just waiting for the right time or it is meant that you can not get just that. Therefore, I thought I would write some tips on how to let go and trust the universe.

  • Consider your options

When there is a problem, a tragedy, a disappointment or if you have a dilemma, you will always have two options. Either you fight back or you let go. Going for the first option makes you feel anxious, stressed, exhausted, angry, etc., because you resist what is happening and you are trying to control something that cannot be controlled. If you choose the second option, the universe will show you the way and you will feel calm, present, motivated and openminded. There is no something in between either you resist or you let go, no matter what you choose, you will always have to deal with the situation. So what mindset do you think will help you best when looking for a way out of this situation?

  • Learn to trust your instincts

Remember that we are all part of the universe. The energy of the universe passes through our bodies and often shows us which way to go. We call that feeling intuition and is more powerful than you think. I actually recommend you doing the following exercise so that you understand what your intuition wants to tell you. Sit comfortably and focus on your breathing. Try not to think about anything. When you are relaxed, think of a past experience where you felt a strong desire to say "no". Concentrate on how you feel in your body as you do this. Most likely it is the same feelings that you felt when you lived that experience. Now do the same but with an experience that made you feel a strong desire to say "yes". Most likely you will feel different sensations than you did when you said "no". Write what you felt in your body with the two experiences. Practice this exercise as often as you can, so that you become familiar with your emotions and thus better understand what your intuition wants to tell you. Let your intuition determine your future actions as long as you trust the universe to point you in the right direction.

  • Look for signs that the universe sends you

The universe will give you many signs and opportunities during your lifetime. But you have to act on them. The problem is that you are unlikely to see them if you do not trust the universe to send them to you. When the wind blows a € 100 bill to your face, you will always see a pessimist who assumes it is rubbish or something else useless. While the optimist is going to chase it on the street, for safety's sake and the man who is stuck in his thoughts that is trying to solve all his problems, he never sees it in the first place! That is the law of attraction working again. In this case, the optimist trusts that the universe will offer great things and that is why he sees the possibility.

Remember to be that optimist and the universe will make great things happen!

  • Do not listen to your ego

Your ego is your preconceived notion of who you are. Your self-image. This can also cause us to self sabotage and miss opportunities. A "little ego" tells us "you are not good enough for this".

A "big ego" says "you are too good for this". In any case, it is better to never listen to this inner voice. Your ego does not want you to change. Your idea of ​​"who you are" is based solely on your past experiences. But the universe gives you new possibilities in the present, and you can choose to be slightly different whenever you want. It may take a lot of work to silence your ego, but you will live a richer life when you do.

  • Take action

Do not stand with your hands crossed. Even if you are not sure what to do, your first step is to try something. By taking action, the universe can present you with new possibilities. By staying home and feeling sorry for yourself, you prevent good things from happening to you.

  • Accept obstacles

Trust that the universe is here to serve you, but that does not mean that it will always please you. Therefore, it will often help you by placing obstacles in the way. It may not be obvious what you should learn from these obstacles, but you should never stop trusting them to be here to help you with something. Every journey has obstacles. These help us to show which paths we should take in life and give us the strength to overcome greater challenges in the future. So try to be grateful for the obstacles presented on our journey. In the end, it will give us the strength to live a better life.

  • Do not give up

Sometimes the universe conspire against you and it seems like is never going to stop and you think it can not get worse. This constant mountain of tragedy, disappointment and pain can make you believe that the world is against you. You may begin to doubt yourself or lose confidence in the "let go" process. You may want to give up ...

Whenever this happens, I recommend that you return to tip no. ° 1. Consider your options. What would serve you better to resist or to give up? Never lose faith in the universe. Give it as much time as it needs. Trust that these things were meant to happen to you. The reward will come when is time. This too will pass. By trusting that everything happens for a reason, you will come relatively unharmed from this horrible period. In addition, you will eventually become the person you need to be to get what you want out of life.

  • Define the universe in your own image

Maybe these ideas will resonate more with you if you replace "Universe" with "God". If you do not want to do that, try using "the divine", higher consciousness" or "eternal energy". In the end, it is all phrases that we used to describe a higher force in this world that work for you. Just call it whatever you want. The most important thing is that you can let go and let it help you.

Hope these tips give you what you need to meet the challenges of your life. It is only you who have the power to let go and trust the universe. Now it's up to you use it. Feel free to share this post so that more people can take part of this valuable information. Thanks a lot! Is coaching for you? I offer 20 minutes free calls for you who is interested in knowing more. I work according to ICF's guidelines and standards. Of course I have a duty of confidentiality. You call me on +46 705 87 58 41 at the booked time. Welcome!

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