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Yin yoga and the wood element

The term "yin yoga" comes from the Taoist tradition. While yang relates to movement and creates warmth in the body. Yin is about finding stillness and cooling the body. We need both yin and yang to find balance and maintain optimal health during each stage of our lives.

Yinyoga is a combination of yoga, Chinese medicine and mindfulness. It is a wonderful form of yoga that everyone can practice. From young to old, rigid as flexible, men as women, beginners as well as experienced yogi are all welcome to my classes in Yinyoga. In addition, Yinyoga can be practiced anytime and anywhere.

Yin yoga is a calm form of yoga that focuses on the yin areas of the body, that is, the areas that are innermost such as connective tissue, fascia, joints, bones, joints and internal organs. In Yin yoga, we focus on the lower part of the body, the hips, the pelvis and the lower back. Most positions are either sitting or lying down. This type of yoga is suitable for anyone who is curious to explore their body and mind with awareness and presence.

Yin yoga leads us - gently - to slow down and go inward. It is an extremely important skill to learn to be comfortable in this world of almost constant stimulation and distraction we live in.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, all life consists of the five elements metal, water, wood, fire and earth. All elements are connected to each yin-meridian and yang-meridian, ie. energy ports in our body, which in turn are connected to various organs. In addition, each element is linked to a season.

The liver and gallbladder are connected to the wood element and the spring. The liver is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi (the energy of life, both emotional and physical). The feeling that is connected here is anger. When we do not express our anger and frustration, we stagnate and cannot move forward. This

inability can manifest itself as either being confident or overly aggressive. One can suffer from migraines, inability to adapt to changes that can lead to depression.

The good properties of the wooden element are forgiveness and benevolence, which is the opposite of anger. Wood allows us to be rooted in the past, to stand high in the present and to have the vision and foresight to move forward in the future.

Right now we are in the wood element that is associated with spring when everything blooms in nature. The energy is starting to move now. The wood element represents everything that moves, develops and expands. Wood energy drives our ideas forward and makes them come true. If you are a person with a lot of wood element, you love change, you are the one who seeks, always wants to learn new things and is very driven in whatever you do.

An imbalance in the wood element can lead to a lot of anger and irritation that wears down your body and causes stress. If you have balanced wood element, you are creative, full of energy and feel flow.

In Yin yoga, with the help of the positions that focus on the various meridians (liver and gallbladder) or energy ports in our body, we can balance our wood element.

In my Yin yoga classes this spring, we try to approach our practice with a compassion of curiosity and playfulness. We give ourselves permission to experiment with new and different positions or approaches to our practice. We try new postures and make several turns.

Some of the positions that balance the wood element are the dragon, the frog and the square.

The Dragon

Another way to balance your wood elements is by spending more time outdoors and observing the trees in your neighborhood, just seeing how they move and swaying with the force of the winds.

Some of the benefits of Yinyoga:

Calms and balances mind and body.

Reduces stress and anxiety.

Increases circulation.

Improves flexibility.

Balances the internal organs and improves the flow of Qi or Prana (life energy).

Releases fascia and improves joint mobility.

If you are interested in trying Yinyoga, feel free to contact us or book your place already for a nice moment of silence.

Warm welcome!

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